Strategic Partners Align With PowerKee After Successful Private Sale

PowerKee has completed its private sale with the investment round exclusively open to key strategic partners willing to commit to the protocol’s long-term success. The PowerKee protocol is a cryptocurrency network that will allow users to transact cheaply and instantly while maintaining their privacy.

The development of a privacy-focused network has become increasingly urgent in recent years. Governments and large corporations are increasingly infringing on our privacy rights and using data to monitor our messages and hook users to social media applications.

All of the strategic partners who participated in the private sale recognized the need for a cryptocurrency network that provides strong privacy assurances. The demand to participate in the private sales exceeded the tokens allocated to the sale, and only essential partners secured their investment in the round.

PowerKee raised $437,500 from the strategic partners who participated in the sale. Each partner can provide value far beyond the capital they invested and will guide PowerKee towards becoming the first choice for cryptocurrency users who care about privacy.

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